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Who We Are


Daneli Miron


Daneli's passion for horses began at age 4, leading her to excel in the Saddlebred industry in Kentucky and show jumping at national and international levels. Now, as a full-time student at the University of Louisville Equine Business Program and working groom, she is thrilled to embark on a new adventure: the Miron Equine Center. Amidst her many commitments, Daneli remains dedicated to understanding and celebrating the unique personalities and strengths of each horse she encounters. 


“We are so excited for Daneli and the launch of the Miron Equine Center. Seeing Daneli’s passion for horses and her excitement for growing her business within the Saddlebred industry is inspiring. It is a beautiful facility with a great team!”

- Sophia Fischer


“Daneli Miron has spent her life acquiring the skills, ability, and experience to care for your high-performance horse.  She started her education at a very young age, she went on to become not only a world class jumper rider but an extremely accomplished saddle seat rider as well.  Her dedication was evident even at the age of three.  I’ve had the privilege to know her and her family for 30+ years and I would trust her with any horse that needed extra attention as well as the ones that just need a little extra love.”

- Katie Case

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Maraine Buchanan

Equine Operations Manager

With a wealth of experience in the equine world, Maraine stands as a seasoned expert who has skillfully worked with show horses, mares, foals, and retirees. Her dedication and care extend to working closely with veterinarians for the rehabilitation of horses. Understanding the unique needs of each horse, Maraine is committed to building trusting relationships, allowing them to thrive at any stage of life. Notably, her expertise shines through in managing farms with over 100 acres.


"Maraine Buchanan: Maraine Buchanan is attentive to detail, sensible, and thorough when it comes to equine care. She has always works to ensure all concerns are addressed and doesn’t stop until every last stone is unturned. I’d trust her with anything from the new born foals to the geriatrics.”

- Maggie Dull

"Maraine prioritizes the needs of horses. She is very knowledgeable and particular about the care she provides to our beloved companions. She has a very calm and nurturing way about her!"

- Nicole Bulgrin

“Maraine Buchanan is a hardworking and caring lady. She took care of my horse ( who’s also my baby!) and both he and I absolutely adored her! Her attention to detail with both his care and health were second to none. I would highly recommend her as a caretaker for any horse and hope our paths cross again in the future.”

- Janine Bayle Butsche


“Maraine Buchanan is very dedicated, knowledgeable, and dependable. She has a strong work ethic. Maraine is a very patient caregiver. She is amazing with the horses, from being right by their sides during foaling to lay to rest at their last days.”  

- Meg Lochner

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